Bass Tools for Ableton Live has been updated with new Demo Track and presets

Bass Tools for Ableton Live has been updated to version 1.2. This update includes: New demo track, 36 Wavetable presets, 16 Instrument Racks and 9 Operator presets. The update is free for existing customers.

Magic of Max for Live – Delta

Delta is a Max for Live plug-in that combines three effects: unique multiband filter, comb filter and spectral delay. The combination of the three effects allows you to add unique timbre and depth to almost any type of sound. Delta was created primarily as a creative effect, however, it also can be used for mixing.

Stray Cats Collection – free Max for Live plug-ins

From synths and sequencers to effects for space and color. Ableton Live pack includes: The Quad synth (Oberheim Four Voice); ConChord; Stochastic Delay; Verbotron; Color; Skram Delay. Very useful collection. I wish to emphasize Verbotron reverb and ConChord midi effect.

Bass Tools – bass presets for Ableton Live

I have spent over 3 months collecting and programming the very best bass sounds you can find. No matter what music you prefer, you will find the perfect, deep sound for your music. Collection includes: 120 Instrument Racks (Synths); 80 Instrument Racks (Sampler); 103 RAW Wavetable presets; 39 RAW Operator presets; 2 Demo track. 342 …