Bass Tools – bass presets for Ableton Live

I am very proud of this work. I have spent over 3 months collecting and programming the very best bass sounds you can find. No matter what music you prefer, you will find the perfect, deep sound for your music. Collection includes:

  • 104 Instrument Racks (Wavetable, Operator, Analog);
  • 80 Instrument Racks (Sampler);
  • 67 RAW Wavetable presets;
  • 30 RAW Operator presets;
  • Demo track;
  • Free updates;

281 presets in total.

Free updates?! Yes, this is not a joke. I am going to update these presets regularly and you will receive the update for free.

Bass Tools demo track

Become free from the vast array of VST instruments. Bass Tools presets sound warm, analogue and ready for your production. More info here: