Inspired by vintage analog synths, a collection of warm, rich sounds for the FabFilter Twin 3 plug-in. At the heart of each sound is a creative, unconventional approach and the use of FabFilter’s unique filters.

Several techniques have been used in the creation of the presets to achieve an analogue sound. Typically, each preset has a filter modulation to create non-linear effects, the tonality drifts slightly, and the saturation adds extra harmonics to avoid a flat sound.

Each preset can be easily customised using the Macro sliders and Mod Wheel. Presets do not require a powerful processor, but you can increase the synth’s performance by turning off High Quality mode.

If you are a fan of analog synths and want to feel their charm on your computer or tablet, try this soundbank.

Warm, analogue, non-linear, rich, nostalgic, deep.

Individual Presets. Live Demo.

The soundbank contains: arps, basses, keys, pads, leads and sound effects.

Orpheus demo

Working with presets

The presets are velocity sensitive. This allows you to achieve a very expressive and natural sound. Most presets are configured in such a way that you can change them in real time by using Mod Wheel or sliders.



28.03.23 – Initial release;

USD 12.99


  • Orpheus – soundbank (50 presets)


  • FabFilter Twin 3 (or higher);
  • Windows, macOS or iOS;


  • Download Size: 50 Kb;
  • Installation Size: 400 Kb.

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