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Delta is a Max for Live plug-in that combines three effects: unique multiband filter, comb filter and spectral delay. The combination of the three effects allows you to add acoustic timbre and depth to almost any type of sound. Delta was created primarily as a creative effect, however, it also can be used for mixing.
A key element of Delta is the Crossover filter – this is where unique signal splitting takes place. Additional effects include comb filter and spectral delay. The comb filter adds resonators to the sound and allows you to create mono compatible stereo widening effect whereas spectral delay creates texture.

Demo track (Konstantin Klem – Katana). All channels mixed with Delta

Key features

• Unique multiband filter;
• Two configurable crossovers;
• Stereo/Mono Comb filter;
• Built-in Spectral delay;
• Built-in Overdrive and Equalizer;
• Ableton Push 1/2 compatible;


Headphones or good studio speakers are recommended for these examples.

Delta in Action
Delta in Action #2


USD 20


– Delta – Max for Live plug-in;
– 36 presets;
– Demo track;
– Reference manual;


– Ableton Live Suite 10.1/11 (or higher);
– Mac or Windows;
Installation size: 34.5 Mb
Download size: 14 Mb


Max for Live Delta
Max for Live Delta


07.02.21 – Initial release. Version 1.0;

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