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Bass Tools collection – well-thought-out, powerful and deep sounds.


The main concept of this collection is to solve the deficiency of good bass sounds. It is known to most producers that factory presets of popular plug-ins often do not meet users’ expectations — as usual, these presets always need to be configured. On the contrary, the presets from the Bass Tools collection were developed so that you don’t need their additional configuration. You just drag and drop the preset from Ableton Live browser to the project and that’s all – it works! (Of course you can open an Instrument Rack and get access to all synthesizer settings).

No samples. All sounds are synthesized.

Multisampler and Polyphonic modulation

Almost all synthesized presets have a sampled copy that is passed through special effects chain, which gives an analog timbre to the sound. Also, each preset has a FM modulation knob, which allows you to radically transform the sound (listen to the demo of the Cyberpunk preset). Additionally, the collection includes the Kick Designer. You can synthesize hundreds of striking sounds by the means of the Kick Designer.


This is a universal collection. Nevertheless, I focused on sounding of large labels such as Anjunadeep, Armada Deep, WARP, Ninja Tune, Spinnin and others.

Presets demo
Presets demo

Update 2020

Bass Tools

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– 104 Instrument Racks (Wavetable, Operator, Analog);
– 80 Instrument Racks (Sampler);
– 67 RAW Wavetable presets;
– 30 RAW Operator presets;
– Demo track;
Free updates;


– Ableton Live Suite 10.1 (or higher);
Installation size: 4.3 GB
Download size: 1.7 GB

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