Updated to version 1.1 (23.01.23)

  • Analog Lab V soundbank has been added;
  • Added 21 new preset;
  • All Macros have been updated;
  • Performance optimization;
  • New Mod Wheel options for most presets;
  • All presets are indexed according to the type of sound.


The soundbank contains 140 presets for Arturia Pigments 4 (plus Analog Lab V version). From atmospheric ambient sounds and cinematic sequences to vintage synth sounds that make you want to play with them endlessly. An Epic Journey soundbank are great for electronic genres of music, film and game scoring. The presets contains: bass lines, classic synth keys, lo-fi keys, pads, rhythmic and melodic sequences, synthesized drums, leads and sound effects.

Key styles: Atmospheric, Soundscape, Hypnotic, Melodic, Pulsating, Warm, Deep, Dark.

Key genres: Cinematic, Soundtrack, Techno, Synthwave, Trance, Ambient, Techno, Game Audio, Trailer Music.

This soundbank not only inspires, but also opens up new sound design possibilities in the Pigments synthesizer.

An Epic Journey

Demo track

No samples, no external sound libraries. All sounds from ”An Epic Journey” soundbank.

Konstantin Klem – Lost in The Dunes

Update 1.1

The update contains 21 new preset, performance optimization, new Macros for each preset and updated Mod Wheel options. All presets are now indexed (renamed) for easier use: BS (Bass), BSQ (Bass sequence), LD (Leads), PD (Pads), KY (Keys), SQ (Sequences), FX (Effects).

Working with presets

The presets are velocity sensitive. This allows you to achieve a very expressive and natural sound. Almost all presets are configured in such a way that you can change them in real time by using Mod Wheel. Most presets are provided with yellow hints to make it easier for you to customize the patch.


23.01.23 – Updated to version 1.1;

10.02.22 – Initial release;

An Epic Journey

USD 27


  • An Epic Journey soundbank (140 presets):
  • Pigments 4 soundbank;
  • Analog Lab V soundbank;
  • User manual.


  • Arturia Pigments 4 (or higher);
  • or Analog Lab V (or higher);
  • Any VST/AU compatible DAW.


  • Installation Size: 16.7 Mb;
  • Download Size: 16.7 Mb.

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