Updated to version 1.2 (29.08.22)

  • Device Matrix is ​​now fully compatible with Live 11.1 (and higher);
  • Frozen tracks are now highlighted;
  • Dry/Wet knob now works as expected.

Updated to version 1.1

  • The number of tracks and devices you can control has been increased (50 tracks/500 devices);
  • The ability to open Device Matrix using the keyboard was added;
  • Now you can select tracks from Device Matrix;
  • The ability to control the Dry/Wet (Mix) parameter for VST plug-ins was added.


Device Matrix is a Max for Live plug-in, which lets you display and control up to 500 Ableton Live (or VST) instruments and effects on a single screen. It is your perfect assistant when mixing, doing sound design or producing music. It is fully compatible with Ableton Live 10.1 and Ableton Live 11.

Key features

  • Enable and disable devices (including VST plug-ins) or chains in the whole project;
  • Quick adjustment of Dry/Wet and Amount parameters for any native device or VST plug-in;
  • Select track from Device Matrix;
  • Quick mapping;
  • Instant project overview;
  • Statistics;
  • Horizontal, vertical and Lite version;


Device Matrix review
Device Matrix in 1 minute

USD 17.99


  • Device Matrix – Max for Live plug-in;
  • Horizontal version (50 tracks/500 devices);
  • Vertical version (50 tracks/500 devices);
  • Vertical Lite version (10 tracks/100 devices);
  • Reference manual;


Ableton Live Suite 10.1 (or higher);
(with built-in Max 8 (or higher);
– Mac or Windows;
Installation size: 12.4 Mb
Download size: 650 Kb (Zip archive)


Absolutely amazing! Thank you for making it!

ortoPilot, Singer, Musician, Content Creator, Manchester, UK

Definitely solid plug-in, definitely dope!

Decap, Artist & Producer. Platinum Certified, USA

Max for Live provides a great tool for adding all kinds of interesting and useful features. A good example is the Device Matrix. It is ​​a great way to control your mix or live show.

Interface magazine, Netherlands

I am a happy Device Matrix user for a few days now. Your tool is something I was waiting and looking for a long time. It’s great how it improves the workflow as it gives a clear summary of large projects.

Sebastian, Germany


29.08.22 – Updated to version 1.2;

18.08.21 – Updated to version 1.1;

03.05.21 – Initial release. Version 1.0;

Other works