This soundbank is also included in Bundle 2


Introducing the soundbank for the Ableton Drift subtractive synthesizer. This minimalistic but extremely efficient synthesizer allows you to create a wide range of sounds for all styles of music. The Microcosm soundbank focuses on the main feature of the Drift synthesizer – to generate sounds with constantly changing tone and harmonics.

Drift synth

Some characteristics of the Microcosm sounds: analog, non-linear, vintage, lo-fi, classic, nostalgic, deep.

The soundbank is compatible with all editions of Ableton Live (Intro, Standard or Suite).

Most presets can be changed using the modulation wheel.

Individual Presets. Live Demo.

The soundbank contains: basses, keys, pads, leads and sound effects.

Microcosm demo


12.07.23 – Initial release;

USD 12.99


  • Microcosm – soundbank (64 presets);


  • Ableton Live 11.3.2 (or higher);
  • Live Intro, Standard or Suite;
  • Windows, macOS;


  • Download Size: 151 Kb;
  • Installation Size: 272 Kb.

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