Step into a sonic time capsule with the Pantheon, a collection of 100 presets for the U-He Repro synth. These evocative soundscapes will immerse you in a world of warm nostalgia, while opening the door to an intriguing future.

Melodic leads drenched in vintage vibes are perfect for crafting deep, emotive compositions. They’re joined by minimalistic keys, capturing the sound of the legendary Prophet-5 and Pro-One synths by Sequential Circuits. Lush, atmospheric pads create a mesmerising backdrop for your tracks, while melodic sequences add dynamic energy.

In the hands of an inventive composer, these sounds can be intimate or epic, dark or uplifting. Create entire ambient sagas using only the sounds of the Pantheon, or use them as a spice to add depth to cinematic orchestral scores.

Some characteristics of sounds from the Pantheon soundbank: warm, analogue, non-linear, immersive, soulful, evocative, transcendent, rich, nostalgic, deep.


The soundbank contains: arps, basses, keys, pads, leads, melodic sequences, bass sequences.

100% Repro.

35 presets out of 100 in this video. No external effects.

Working with presets

Modulation wheel is adjusted for almost all presets.

Most presets in the Pantheon soundbank are velocity sensitive. The velocity allows you to achieve an expressive sound. For example, in the “Singularity” preset, at a velocity value of 30%, the filter is slightly closed, which gives a very deep, atmospheric sound. Consider this nuance when working with presets.

Don’t forget that you can deactivate the sequencer in Repro-1 and freely play with that sound. For example, by deactivating the sequencer in the “SQ Galapagos” preset, you will hear a high-quality plucked sound.


29.02.24 – Initial release;

USD 24.99


  • Pantheon – soundbank:
    • Repro-1 – 50 presets;
    • Repro-5 – 50 presets.
  • Reference manual.


  • U-He Repro 1.1.2 (or higher);
  • Windows, macOS, Linux;
  • Any VST compatible DAW.


  • Download Size: 234 Kb;
  • Installation Size: 12.5 Mb.

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